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Fantasy Football Personality Test

Question 1:
How Prepared are you for your Fantasy Football Draft?

I Do Extensive Research and Never Trust Cheat Sheets handed out by the Commish
I Buy a Fantasy Football Magazine and a Twelve Pack of Beer on my way to the Draft
Prepare? No Need. I always draft to a High Level of Greatness
Was at a Party Last Night with some Hotties. Forgot about the Draft Thing. I'll "Wing It"

Question 2: About halfway through your Fantasy Draft you are thinking...

I can't believe these guys are drafting Kickers already
Crap, both of my Quarterbacks have the same bye week
I will need to expand my Trophy Case again this year
This is taking forever. Open another Beer and Browse for Boobies on Twitter.

Question 3: By the End of the Fantasy Football Season, My Team...

is Headed to the playoffs, with a First Round Bye
is Eleminated from the Playoffs thanks to a bad Fantasy Draft
is Undefeated and Unmatched. NFL Network is Doing a Documentary on my Team
is a Wild Card. I Win Some and Lose Some.

Question 4: When I Put In My Starters for the week...

I Make sure to Never Bench My Stud Players
I am trying to find a Free Agent or Make a Trade because my Team Needs Some Major Help this Week
My Opponent Calls and Congratulates me on my win Before the Games even Start
Starters? I knew I forgot something. Crap, How Many of my Guys are on Bye?

Question 5: On NFL Sundays...

I am Missing Family Events so I can watch NFL Redzone All Day Long
I am Watching the Games at Home... And I Wish I Would Have Started...
I am at an NFL Game, giving the NFL Players MY Autograph and Advice
Watching the game at Hooters™ with a Cold Beer and Hot Wings

Question 6: When I Lose, it is Usually Because...

An NFL Coach Lied about the Injury Report
My Team isn't that Good... It all goes back to the Fantasy Draft
Lose? Are you Kidding?
I didn't get my starters in. I was hungover, lost my phone and didn't wake up until late afternoon.

Question 7: The Fantasy Football Team Name that Best Describes Me is...


Question 8: What is Your Advice for A New Fantasy Football Player?

Never Change Your Lineup at the Last Minute
Don't Get Drunk on Draft Day
Start Every Draft Run. Study my Level of Genius Kid, I am a Legend
The "Guy" Answer: Fantasy Football is fun, but not as much fun as Women and Beer!

Question 9: How Many Fantasy Leagues are you in?

5 or More - But Don't Tell My Wife/Girlfriend!
Less than 5 - Yep, less than 5
As Many as Necessary. Everyone Wants Me in there League.
I have no idea.

Are You a Fantasy Football...

Guy Gal